"We were stressed out, swearing and sweating. But it was worth the effort. The Disconnected Show turned out amazing! That's why it was clear from the beginning that we had to record the whole thing. Ideal Entertainment made our vision come true and filmed our sold out show in Munich in high end quality. Thanks to everyone who made Disconnected so unforgettable, on, in front of and behind the stage! This video is for you! Enjoy, and: Let's stay disconnected" 
Production Manager: Christian Dammann 
Head of Production: Marcel Chylla 
Director of Picture: Holger Gutt 
Camera: Nils Beck Marcel Chylla Holger Gutt Raphael Steiner Patrick Catford Tobias Drexel Tobias Schmidt Michaela Smykalla Robin Paralkar Jaime Peralta 
Technical Supervisor & D.I.T.: Robin Paralkar
 Grip: Dominik Rastorfer 
Editor: Holger Gutt 
Color Grading: Robin Paralkar 
Audio Recording, Mix and Mastering: Felix Lehmann
 Band & Crew: Jan Blomqvist (vocals, synth) Felix Lehmann (keys, synth) Christian Dammann (drums) C
reative Direction: Shan Blume 
Stage Design: Shan Blume 
Light Design: Toni Haupt 
Visuals Design: Shan Blume, Achilleas Gatsopoulos, Victor Treuschenke-Bernhardt 
Light: Toni Haupt 
Visuals Operator: Lars Rachel
 Light Crew: René Degener 
Sub Drums: Lucas Müller 
Booking: FOUR ARTISTS Markus Grosse Tobias Klose Kim Gemmerich 
Dancer (Visuals): Vinny Balbo 
Singer (Visuals): Bloomtwins

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